Costa Firenze

The Promenade Beauty is a way of life Watch the sun set over the sea from Costa Firenze is a ship whose every detail encapsulates the typically Italian love of beauty that is so well reflected in the city of Florence. And so the Renaissance relives in the interiors on board. Guests and their families can totally surround themselves with the aesthetics of the Italian lifestyle. In the large and welcoming public areas you can go for a walk by the boutiques, restaurants and bars, where you can have aperitifs if you like, or you can go for a jog in the open air or treat yourself to a regenerating massage in the wellness area. All this as your ship speeds you towards another destination on your journey. Then there are the wonderful private spaces, with cabins where the tiniest details call to mind the art and elegance of Florence. From dawn to dusk the decks of your cruise ship are an exciting place dedicated to the culture of beauty, in a country where this philosophy is part of everyday life. For the whole family every day is one of games, relaxation, shopping, good food, wine and theatre shows and entertainment. Costa Firenze - sister ship to Costa Venezia - has been designed for the Chinese market, and as it sails the seas of the Far East, it will lead the way in Italian style. Versilia Deck